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Rich Bulger / Feb 10, 2023

The term "recirculation" refers to the practice of circulating or reusing materials and components from old mobile devices in the manufacturing process of new ones. The concept of recirculation is gaining traction in the wholesale electronics industry, particularly in the market for refurbished phones and wholesale iPhones. Major players such as Samsung, Apple, and Google (which makes the Pixel brand of mobile devices) have implemented programs to recirculate materials and components from old cell phones in the production of new devices. 

Recirculation can have numerous benefits, including reducing the demand for raw materials and energy, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing new devices, extending the lifespan of devices, and reducing e-waste. Companies can adopt different approaches to recirculation, such as materials recovery, component reuse, and product reuse. Materials recovery involves separating and recovering materials like metals, plastics, and glass for reuse in new devices.

Component reuse involves using components like memory chips, processors, and screens in new devices instead of manufacturing new components. Product reuse involves repairing and refurbishing old devices for resale or reuse instead of disposing them.

Recirculation is a crucial aspect of the circular economy, enabling more efficient resource utilization and reducing waste in the production of mobile devices.