ARTHUR BRONFMAN Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer RecirQ


Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Arthur oversees all product acquisition and sales for RecirQ. Arthur started matching used supply with used demand at 16 years old. Leveraging his passion for Nike shoes he was able to identify sneakers listed below market and began winning auctions. Then he was able to sell them for a profit by cleaning them, taking better pictures, and listing them for sale at the correct market price. Arthur had to use his mom’s PayPal account because he was not old enough and, in just one year, he made over $100,000 selling used products.

Arthur became an expert in the circular economy before he even knew what that was. This experience led to the launch of the ARA Global Group. Arthur quickly learned that the top selling device on eBay at the time was a Blackberry. He taught himself how to repair mobile devices and source parts.

While he was running this business and going to school, Arthur became an intern for Daymon John for the first two seasons of Shark Tank. When ARA experienced significant growth, he relocated the company from Brooklyn, New York to Miami.

Arthur’s hobbies include exotic cars, sneakers, and video games.

REUBEN RODRIGUEZ Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer RecirQ


Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Reuben is responsible for capital investment, investor relations, contractual relationships, and business development. Reuben has a very strong business acumen and the ability to drive change. When Arthur Bronfman began to discover how to make money buying and selling used products, Reuben began building the infrastructure to scale the company. Reuben was able to develop the information systems, banking relationships, infrastructure, and staffing plans to help scale the organization. In addition, he was responsible for helping secure the funding needed to acquire more products.

Reuben’s hobbies include fine food, the arts, and great coffee. When Reuben is not driving innovation, you can find him at gatherings like Burning Man (he advised the marketing team that Burning Man is NOT a festival!)

Mark Brausa RecirQ COO



Mark Brausa is an experienced senior leader with a demonstrated history of working in the wireless and technology industries. Mark has a broad background in manufacturing, retail, and 3rd party logistics. In addition to 9 years of carrier wireless experience, Mark has led innovations in robotics and repair automation. Mark helped establish the Valuetech repair facility in Mexicali, and grew to the position of president. He spent the last three years as the VP of RL and Repair at Ingram Micro. He is passionate about problem solving and networking. Mark brings 25 years of technology experience, which span across the scale from Fortune 500 businesses to startups. He brings a level of energetic optimism to the team.

Mark is one of the best operations, international repair, circular economy finance, and robotics experts that exist in the reverse logistics industry.

Mark enjoys the Chiefs, nutrition and fitness, his wife and children, and the University of Arizona.

Noah Cutler RecirQ CFO


Chief Financial Officer

Noah oversees all accounting, risk management and compliance. He leverages the unique operations of RecirQ by building a viciously consistent financial foundation. Noah has a proven track record of innovation in capital and asset structuring. He has a sharp attention to detail and is the perfect person to shepherd RecirQ’s financial future

In addition to spending time with his family, Noah enjoys playing hockey, cheering his kids on in their own sports, and owns a collection of broken hockey sticks.

SAUL ANDRADE Director of Operations RecirQ


Director of Operations

Saul Andrade is a highly motivated and experienced Bilingual Mechanical Engineer (Spanish-English) with over 14 years of experience in the operations field. Since 2020, he has been serving as the Director of Operations for RecirQ, where he plays a crucial role in the design, development, and execution of large multidisciplinary projects. Saul’s expertise in troubleshooting production, material selection, and processes, along with his ability to identify opportunities to improve manufacturing processes and reduce costs, has been a valuable asset to the company. In his spare time, Saul enjoys balancing his love for his family and leisure activities by carting his 3 kids to various sports practices and indulging in his passion for Barbecue and the occasional beer.



Amy has 25 years of accounting and controlling experience. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Accounting and Masters of Business Administration in Accounting. For the past 10 years, she has been a controller and lead accountant for a construction company based in Orlando. She oversees the entire accounting department and is responsible for all the day to day accounting, as well as overseeing accounts receivable, accounts payable and controlling functions for the Company. Amy is responsible for all payroll activities, including but not limited to performing weekly payroll submissions, preparing W-2’s & 1099’s. She is also responsible for preparing financial statements, as well as auditing any accounts upon necessary review. Amy has also acted as a liaison between the Certified Public Accountant and all financial institutions. Amy is currently an active CPA Candidate.



Director of Sales

Mike Altshuler is a seasoned and driven professional with a proven track record in the consumer electronics industry. Since 2018, he has been serving as the Director of Sales for RecirQ, where he has been instrumental in driving sales and customer satisfaction. Mike is an experienced Account Manager, with expertise in Sales Management, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service/Retention, and Public Speaking. With a Bachelor’s degree from City University of New York-Hunter College, Mike is a strong sales professional who consistently delivers results. In his personal life, Mike is known for being one of the slowest eaters you will ever meet, showcasing his easy-going and patient nature.


Operations Manager

Cristina Hernandez is the Operations Manager at RecirQ, where she oversees the reverse logistics operations, including testing, grading, and shipping. She has been with the company since 2017 and has been instrumental in its success. Known as the one who runs the show, Cristina’s leadership and attention to detail have made her a valuable asset to the team. In her free time, Cristina is inspired by her love for family and can often be found at the gym, indulging in an occasional hamburger, or exploring Miami’s nightlife.