We are distributors of

Refurbished Cell Phones

that are used, tested, graded, and ready for resale.


Arthur and Reuben founded ARA Global Group in 2013.

Arthur began his journey buying and selling Nike shoes on eBay at sixteen years old.  He learned how to identify products that had a secondary life by sourcing them, cleaning them, photographing them, and selling them.

Reuben began exploring eBay’s top selling item: Blackberries. Together they began purchasing and selling used Blackberries. They founded ARA Global Group and entered the circular economy.

ARA Global Group relocated from Brooklyn, New York to Doral, Florida in 2017. Five years later, in 2022, the brand relaunched as RecirQ  and moved into new headquarters in Hialeah, Florida in September of 2022.

Recycling just isn’t enough. We can do more. That’s why we promote recirculating over recycling whenever possible. Recirculating products reduces pollution and waste, and with ongoing supply chain issues and a shortage of raw materials, this approach is not only financially beneficial but necessary for our future. We are dedicated to matching used supply with fresh demand. We’re dedicated to providing a better path for a more sustainable world.


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