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Rich Bulger /March 3rd, 2023

ReqirQ is proud to be a Silver Member of the Reverse Logistics Association (RLA), a global trade organization that supports the reverse logistics industry. Our involvement with the RLA has been immensely valuable to our wholesale operation, particularly in terms of improving our efficiency and identifying technology partners that have helped us streamline our processes.

As part of our ongoing involvement with the RLA, Rich Bulger, ReqirQ’s CEO, and Arthur Bronfman, ReqirQ’s Chief Revenue Officer, attended the annual show in Las Vegas on February 7-9th. At the show, they were able to continue to grow key connections with suppliers and customers, which has been instrumental in scaling our business.

At ReqirQ, we specialize in providing wholesale phones, including Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone devices, to end customers, retailers, and distributors around the world. Our focus is on providing high-quality products at competitive prices, while also offering exceptional customer service and support.

One of the biggest challenges we face as a wholesale phone supplier is staying up to speed with the changes in the field of reverse logistics. This includes handling returns, repairs, and replacements, which can be a complex and time-consuming process. However, through our involvement with the RLA, we have been able to connect with other industry experts and learn about best practices for managing reverse logistics.

In addition, the RLA has helped us identify key technology partners that have assisted with grading, testing, and repair of our products. By leveraging these partnerships, we have been able to improve the efficiency of our operations and ensure that our products are consistently of the highest quality.

As a Silver Member of the RLA, we have also had the opportunity to network with other industry professionals and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in reverse logistics. This has allowed us to better anticipate and respond to changing market conditions, and to continue to grow and evolve our business over time.

Overall, our engagement with the RLA has been a great asset to our wholesale operation, and we are excited to continue our partnership with this valuable organization in the years to come. We would encourage other businesses in the reverse logistics industry to consider joining the RLA as well, as it offers a wealth of resources and opportunities for growth and development.